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Getting to Wow: Increasing Value Through Excellent Customer Experience
As a financial advisor and business owner, there are two true statements about your business:

1) Your business is likely one of your most valuable assets.
2) The cornerstone of your business’ value, regardless of size of the firm, is the relationships you have with your clients.

Successful referral-based businesses rely heavily on great service and proactive communication. The truly elite ones go beyond simply delivering “great service” - creating a “wow experience” for every account, regardless of size.

How can your advisory business take this important step from “service” to “experience?” How do you get from “great” to “wow?” And, how can you accomplish this consistently and profitably?

All these questions and more will be answered in our live Q&A format webinar hosted and moderated by David Grau Jr., president of Succession Resource Group and Jon Randall, a long-time friend and coach extraordinaire. Together, they will discuss what a great client experience looks like, what elite firms are doing differently, and which specific action steps you can implement right away to create a wow experience for your entire book of business, top to bottom.


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